Of all the places I’ve visited in Spain, Segovia was probably my least favorite. I don’t know if it was because it was FREEZING when we visited or because the town was so small, but I just didn’t find it as charming as I did other Spanish towns. Nonetheless, there were still some noteworthy moments!

Segovia’s claim to fame is the giant aqueduct at the front of the city. I have to say, this was pretty impressive and something very unique. While I’ve seen many castles and palaces I have not seen a giant aqueduct until this trip!


The town also had a beautiful castle that had a more German than Spanish style. It was the residence of the Catholic Kings and was quite beautiful inside. However, the true beauty of the castle were the views of the outside.

IMG_5190.jpg(Exterior of the castle)IMG_5230.jpg(Beautiful views of the outside)

The best view was all the way at the top. However, getting up there required us to climb an extremely narrow and winding staircase. I am not one to get claustrophobic, but I definitely was feeling a little queasy! It was especially difficult when we ran into groups trying to come down as we were climbing up…there was not enough room for all of us in there! However, the view was definitely worth it at the top.


The most notable thing about Segovia (and the ONE thing I forgot to take pictures of…) was the food! Segovia is known for a dish that includes a baby piglet spread out on a plate that is served to and shared among a group of people. After getting a glimpse of the dish on some menus outside certain restaurants I (again) felt sick. Instead of trying the local cuisine we stuck to some sandwiches at a local restaurant. For dessert, we went with the locals and got Ponche Segoviano which can only be described as a mix between a burnt marshmallow and apple pie. It contained enough sugar for probably my entire life. Here is a picture from google to give you an idea of what this sugary goodness looks like. ponche-segoviano-2€.jpg


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