Out & About in Madrid

I just wanted to take a break from all of these exciting travel adventures and update you on my time in Madrid.

I really love Madrid. While I absolutely love traveling, I do get a bit sad every time I have to leave this city! I find myself so caught up with work and routine during the week that I only really get to enjoy madrid during the weekends. I’m trying to change that by taking weekday adventures to new parts of town! Here are some of my favorite places in Madrid!

El Rastro

The big street market near La Latina is definitely a must! It runs from 10-3 every Sunday and is filled with lots of cool odds and ends! I got my favorite scarf here, but unfortunately left it on a bus in Edinburgh 😦 A few weekends ago I was hungry after the market and stumbled across the BEST SANDWICH PLACE in Madrid called El Capricho Extremno (there’s also one near the Plaza Mayor!) The place had a large line outside so I decided to jump on. Seriously, best decision ever! My brie sandwich was LIFE CHANGING (and only 3 euro)IMG_5598.jpg

Salon de Fleurs

I’m hesitant to tell you about this place because it is my best kept secret! Right up the street near my house there is the most charming tea shop! It seriously reminds me of a fairy garden. Their teas are so unique too! Our go to? The champagne and strawberry flavored one.


La Mallorquina

My life was CHANGED upon entering this place. The best pastries in Madrid. Hands down. Located right in the center of Sol, this place has the best croissants and many other pastries. Best part? Nothing is over 3 euros! I often treat myself here after a hard week of exams!




Thursday night are often spent in this area of town known as the “hipster” part. It is filled with unique restaurants and bars and is perfect for a night out of bar hopping. There is an indoor food market here that is superb as well as many niche stores.

Lunch at Ojála in Malasaña. The restaurant is so cool looking and the food is delicious! Downstairs there is a co-ed bathroom and A BEACH!


The perfect end to a night of drinking in Malasaña? Churros in Sol! This was literally heaven. Drank more chocolate than I should have…

Metro de Chamberí

I heard about this abandoned metro stop and had to check it out since it was in my neighborhood. It was awesome! The entire station is preserved from the 1950s and trains still run through it to this day (but no longer stop here!) Just be prepared for a super long and boring video before entering.



Temple de Debod

Park Oeste, near Plaza de España, is worth the visit! In addition to having superb views of the palace, there also is a temple that was a gift from Egypt to Madrid. It truly is something unique and definitely worth checking out (especially at sunset!)


Museum of Romanticism

I loveeee seeing things from this time period, so visiting this museum was a no brainer. It’s free entry for students and is beautiful!


Gran Vía

My go to shopping destination. While I love a good shopping trip in NYC, the city just doesn’t have the same charming architecture as Madrid. (Also, Primark, where have you been all my life!? Those glowing blue lights down the street is the location of this fantastic shopping center!)IMG_5638.jpg


I went to a cooking class and learned how to make paella and tortilla de patatas. Currently accepting bookings for those who wish for me to prepare them a Spanish meal back in the states! 😉



The perfect way to spend a Saturday morning! Keep a look out for the Crystal Palace and the giant anchor (!!!)



My School

For all of those wondering where I spend most of my time in Madrid, here is my school. It is very beautiful and I really like it!


Plaza Mayor on a Sunny Day

The best way to spend a sunny day in Madrid? At a cafe in the Plaza Mayor (wine and tortilla optional, but highly encouraged!)



The Airport

Just wanted to share this really cool entryway in the airport. It will take us to our next adventure! Stay tuned…



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