Sevilla (pt 2)

Our second day in Sevilla started off with a tour of an olive farm where we learned how olive oil is made and how to taste olive oil (if it smells like grass, it’s good!) We then tried the most delicious combination…orange infused olive oil on….wait for it….ICE CREAM! Sounds nasty right? My friend, you have not lived until you’ve tried this combination. If you would like to experience life to the fullest please hit me up when I get back as I bought a large bottle of orange olive oil to share! IMG_4114.jpg(Our olive oil tasting set up! Very fancy stuff!)IMG_4115.jpgThe second part of my day in Sevilla was my favorite. I decided to venture out on my own and I think this was the best decision I made all trip. I wanted to see the famous spots before I left so I grabbed an actual paper map (I know, I know! Weird right? Lack of cellular data will make you do some crazy things!) and headed out. With my limited Spanish I was able to ask for directions along the way and found my way to the famous “Torre de Oro” along the water. It was a beautiful day and so many people were out seeing the sights and enjoying the sun. I then got lunch by myself and was able to order and again ask for directions ALL IN SPANISH!! It felt empowering.IMG_4133.jpg(The beautiful Gold Tower, a symbol of Sevilla!)

After lunch I set out to find Plaza de Espana. I could see the towers from where I was but had no idea how to actually get there. After a few wrong turns and weird looks, I finally found it. Wow. It was worth all that searching! The plaza was enormous and beautiful and it was so SUNNY! Along the walls were little sitting places made of mosaic, each dedicated to a city in Spain. I sat in one and simply took in the day. My soul felt completely at peace as I sat in the sun and marveled at this amazing structure in front of me.IMG_4156.jpg



That evening we toured the Cathedral of Sevilla which was hands down one of the largest and most impressive church’s I’ve ever seen. The altar was made of pure gold and the building seemed to stretch on for miles. And I thought St. Patricks’ in NYC was huge…Europe is a whole different ball game! What makes this Cathedral so famous is it’s tower called Girlada. This tower was actually built by the Muslims as a way to call the city to prayer. After the Christians took over they added bells to the tower and built a Cathedral next to it. We got to climb up the 35 ramps (what a workout!) and see the sunset over the city from the top. It was truly a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to one day return to this beautiful place and this wonderful city!

IMG_4201.jpg(The impressive altar!)IMG_4242.jpg(Sunset over the city. So beautiful!)IMG_4195.jpg(The tower!)

Meal of the day: Salad with goat cheese, walnuts and maybe ham? It was delicious! Also, the best ice cream in the world..vanilla with chocolate and PINE NUTS!IMG_4136.jpg



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