Friends, I want to keep things real with you which is why I am including a Lisbon entry. When my friends went abroad I would see all the pictures they posted on Instagram and think, “wow that looks like so much fun!” But I was only seeing half the story. While they were having the times of their lives, they were also always getting sick, pickpocketed and traveling hours and hours at a time. The months leading up the my journey abroad I started reaching out to friends about the full story. In addition to the good stories, I also wanted to hear the nitty gritty.

So, in that same mindset of truth, I’m going to tell you that Lisbon absolutely sucked. I got sick the first night and was in bed for the few days following that. All I saw of Lisbon was the hotel room and the market up the street which I absolutely loathed going to because I could not communicate with the shopkeeper who only spoke Portuguese. Walking outside the hotel was the most culture shock I’ve felt so far. While Portuguese is very similar to Spanish, it sounds a heck of a lot different! Yesterday I just wanted a sandwich but a) couldn’t find a single place that did take out (sitting down and eating is a very big deal in Europe. They believe you should dedicate the right amount of time to food…not ideal when you feel like crap and just wanna snuggle up in bed) and b) couldn’t communicate with the restaurant employee to ask if they had sandwiches. Instead of answering my question I was presented with what was the worst cheese sandwich of my life. I sat and ate it in the small café as the woman behind me spoke Portuguese to the man behind the counter. I felt so out of my element and so sick and I just wanted to be back in Spain where at least things were somewhat familiar.

This morning we left Lisbon and I am starting to feel better. I couldn’t tell you a single thing about the city except that it was big and that the people look at you weird if you wear flip flops on the streets (not like I know from experience…)


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