Bienvenido a Madrid

My 10 day vacation (ehm, ‘seminar’) has come to an end and I am officially settled in Madrid! In the last few days I got a 1) new casa, 2) new family, 3) new roommate, 4) new love for Spain. It’s been a lot of new in a 2 day span! While my first night in my host family’s house felt a bit intrusive and awkward, I now feel right at home. (More to come later on the host family experience!)

My first full day in Madrid consisted of my mom bringing me to school, orientation and clubbing. Again, a lot for a very short period! We got aquatinted with our new building (it is BEAUTIFUL!) and had a wonderful lunch at a local restaurant where I accidentally ordered a single piece of pineapple for dessert (Spanish is hard!)

Last night we went to the famous Kapital, a seven story night club in the heart of Madrid. It was quite an experience! While I am not a huge fan of the clubbing scene, it was something that I am glad I did! The building itself was impressive as was the amount of people they could cram into it. A fun time was had by all!IMG_4417.jpgToday I toured Madrid with a professor and saw the famous area called Sol. Compared to the quiet residential neighborhood where I live it was HOPPIN! For a hot sec I thought all of Spain might be as quiet and plain looking as my neighborhood but I am happy to report that I found the European vibe.

IMG_4454.jpg(Trying to blend in with the locals in Sol!)IMG_4444.jpg(European Vibes)

While walking through the heart of Madrid I was thinking about how much I was worried about not liking it here. I was worried Madrid wouldn’t have those tiny European alley ways like in France and Italy. I was worried the city wouldn’t have charm and I was worried that I picked the wrong place. Well, today, those thoughts were replaced with thoughts of love and admiration for this beautiful place I now get to call home (at least for a while..don’t worry mom…I’m coming back….maybe 🙂 )

Meal of the day: Bocadillo with calamari. It was a lot. But it was so good. Also, churros at one of the oldest churro spots in Madrid!



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