¡Hola España!

Hola from España where it is always sunny and warm (well at least to this Syracuse girl…the locals may disagree as it’s currently 50 degrees outside and they are in full winter gear! yikes!) I’ve been in Spain for over a week and, man, it has already been such an adventure! I meant to start this blog sooner but I have been too busy getting lost down narrow alleyways (don’t worry Mom, the alleys are totally not as sketchy as they are at home) and trying to figure out how this whole ‘vosotros’ thing works. I think I’m adjusting pretty well to the European lifestyle. I’m enjoying the late dinners, fresh food and cheap wine (a glass is only 2,50€, whaaaa!?) But something happened this morning that made me realize that I am becoming European a bit faster than I thought. I referred to the US as, “the states”. “Oh yea, ya know I go to uni in the states”. WHO SAYS THAT!? Europeans, that’s who. I’m becoming one of them…but if that means cheap alcohol and later bedtimes, then this may not be such a bad thing 🙂 Stay tuned for some recaps from my adventures in Valencia, Sevilla, Granada and Lisbon!


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