Oh hey there Granada! You were a fun little city. I’m getting tired of writing paragraphs so we’re going to go with a list for this one.

  1. We visited Alhambra, an old Muslim fortress in the middle of the city. Here, we learned about Muslim inspired architecture and the symbolic meaning behind it (the building was made of bricks because nothing but Allah is meant to last forever). The building was beautiful and the views were breathtaking!IMG_3866.jpgimg_3815IMG_3757.jpg
  2. First churros con chocolate! Delicious. 10/10 would recommend. Around 5pm you can find many Spaniards eating this delicious snack outside little cafes. Young and old people a like enjoy the tasty treat.img_3897
  3. Flamenco! What an experience. I didn’t except it to be so loud! I loved how the music and the dance told a story that anyone of any language could understand. img_3885
  4. We saw the church where Ferdinand & Isabella are buried. Even today the Spanish people have such pride and respect for the Catholic Monarchs. Flowers are sent each from the Spanish people and are placed in the tomb. I thought this was the most amazing altar ever (that is until I saw the altar at the Cathedral in Sevilla!) No pictures were allowed, but I snuck one!IMG_3917.jpg
  5. We went to a discoteca. It was a good time. img_3899

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