Agua de Valencia

No, Valencia doesn’t have some special type of water, this is just the name of their signature cocktail, a mix of orange juice and champagne. “That’s just a mimosa” you’re saying. Oh you silly American. I too thought the same thing. Until I tried the orange juice here. OH. MY. GOD. After one sip of it I wondered how Tropicana could even call what they sell ‘orange juice’. I am convinced Valencia must be the orange capital of the world (hey SU, I think a campus in Valencia might be a good fit!) Everywhere you go there are orange trees lining the streets, adding beautiful color to this already picturesque city. Below, is a market where we got our orange juice!


Not only did I gain a love for orange juice here, I also gained confidence in my navigation skills. After wandering through alleys and little narrow European streets (my favorite kind of streets), led by our professors, we arrived at our second destination of the day, an old silk market. The market was beautiful, but the REAL adventure of this trip came after. “Ok guys, you’re free to go to lunch! We’ll meet back at the bus in 2 hours!” The profs couldn’t be serious. We had no idea where we were, how we got there and didn’t have the slightest clue on where we left the bus. After leaving us with the name of the park where our bus was parked, the professors walked off. The type a in me did NOT appreciate this. But, it was a challenge. With our limited Spanish we somehow managed to get a map from a local shop owner and I lead the pack as we navigated our way back outside the maze of a city. Of course, we stopped for lunch and shopping along the way!

Meal of the Day: some kind of pizza with arugula and mozzarella. Yum!



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